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nohup:无法脱离控制台:未定义错误:0。 I fixed the problem by removing "nohup" and redirecting stdin, the command that worked and survived "exit" looked like: 我通过删除“nohup”和重定向stdin解决了这个问题,这个命令在“exit”中工作并存活下来,看起来是这样的:

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Therefore, >/dev/null 2>&1 can also be written as "1> /dev/null 2> &1" Then the statement execution process of the title of this article is: 1>/dev/null : First means that the standard output is redirected to the empty device file, that is, no information is output to the terminal.

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• nohup • Servers - Wayland - X11 • GUI - Gnome - Unity - Cinnamon - MATE - KDE • Remote desktop - VNC - XRDP - NX - Spice • Console redirection - SSH port forwarding - Local - Remote - X11 forwarding - VNC • Accessibility • Types of devices - Client devices - Bluetooth - WiFi - USB - Monitors - GPIO - Network adapters - PCI - HBA ...

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If for some reason you want to terminate the process, use the kill command followed by the process ID: kill -9 25132 Redirecting Output to a File # By default, nohup redirects the command output to the nohup.out file. If you want to redirect the output to a ... DA: 89 PA: 65 MOZ Rank: 2. Linux nohup command help and examples - Computer Hope computerhope.com

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/dev/null is treated as black hole in Linux/Unix, so you can put anything into this but you will not be able to get it back from /dev/null.. Further, 2> means that you are redirecting (i.e. >) the stderr (i.e. 2) into the black hole (i.e. /dev/null) Your command is: grep -i 'abc' content 2>/dev/null Don't try to end with another forward slash like this - 2>/dev/null/ (it's not a directory).

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nohup is a POSIX command to ignore the HUP (hangup) signal, enabling the command to keep running after the user who issues the command has logged out. The HUP (hangup) signal is by convention the way a terminal warns depending processes of logout. nohup is most often used to run commands in the background as daemons. Output that would normally ...

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# Silent, Output to /dev/null, Timeout after 5s and retry 12 times, each doubling the waitingtime until ten minutes. nohup curl -s -o /dev/null -m 5 --connect-timeout 5 --retry 12. nohup php -S > /dev/null 2>&1 &. nohup: Do not terminate this process even when the stty is cut off. > /dev/null: stdout goes to /dev/null (which is a ...

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> Woudln't nohup check the script's "initial(i.e. before exec)" status > of having stdout/stderr being pointed to terminal, and then force the > script to redirect to /dev/null? No. Redirections on a command line are a function of the shell, not nohup (even if nohup is a shell built-in). They take effect before nohup is executed.

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Apr 18, 2011 · > Try redirecting stdin from /dev/null - some MPI implementations require > this. As an aside 25 MPI threads is a strange number to be using. You > really > have 25 cores allocated to this job? > > nohup mpirun -np 25 pmemd.MPI -O -i md1 -o md1.out -r md1.rst -p ALL.top > -c min1.rst -ref min1.rst </dev/null & > > All the best > Ross >

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The nohup command only writes to nohup.out if the output would otherwise go to the terminal. If you have redirected the output of the command somewhere else - including /dev/null - that's where it goes instead. nohup command >/dev/null 2>&1 # doesn't create nohup.out

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If no input is desired you should redirect the input of rsh to /dev/null using the -n option. You cannot run an interactive command (like rogue (6) or vi (1)) using rsh ; use rlogin (1) instead. Stop signals stop the local rsh process only; this is arguably wrong, but currently hard to fix for reasons too complicated to explain here.
nohup python myscript.py > test.log 2>&1 /dev/null & the problem is that stdout is buffered: the data is not written in realtime to test.log. The common solution to this problem is to flush periodically with sys.stdout.flush(), or even better, as suggested by this answer, to use python -u: nohup python -u myscript.py > test.log 2>&1 /dev/null &
- debloat and make it readable while at it. $ size coreutils/nohup.o* text data bss dec hex filename 362 0 0 362 16a coreutils/nohup.o.trunk 344 0 0 344 158 coreutils/nohup.o $ make bloatcheck function old new delta nohup_main 324 310 -14 ----- (add/remove: 0/0 grow/shrink: 0/1 up/down: 0/-14) Total: -14 bytes ----- Index: coreutils/nohup.c ...
found that the original good nohup information output to the function of the specified file, suddenly a problem. The phenomenon is the output of the console output to the file I specified, the other part of the output to the nohup.out, and I do not want it to produce nohup.out files, do not know what the reason.
Feb 02, 2010 · If you redirect the streams you can avoid filling up your filesystem with nohup.out files as follows… $ nohup tar czf /backup/home.tgz . &gt; /dev/null 2&gt;&amp;1 &amp; Some shells (bash) provide a similar function called disown which can be run after the command is already running.

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Dec 23, 2014 · Don’t confuse it with application logs. Application will still log everything based on logger.xml configuration independently of nohup. To prevent nohup.out file, we have to redirect everything to /dev/null and basically just ignore it. On the end, we output the pid into RUNNING_PID file. Be careful.
I have to redirect the output of a time function of a command which also redirects also its out output to a log file: time athena.py jobOptions.pythia.py | tee athena_gen.out. Output of athena.py is already going to athena_gen.out but I would like to redirect the output of time to a file too.. Thanks, Omer Hence what people generally do is to always put the process in background when started using nohup. #nohup somecommand & Another thing to note about nohup is the fact that it will create a file called nohup.out in the current directory, and send all stdout and stderr to there(ie: 1 and 2 will be pointing to nohup.out file). Lets see this ...